Wellness Center

Wellness Center

Take your body on a journey of fitness

We believe that the potential to achieve any desired health and fitness goal lies within each and every one. as a multi-faceted fitness and health club which is managed by the talents of many diversely skilled professionals, Let Kalya Courts fitness gym give you the body and shape you have always desired.
Sauna & Steam
With our state of the art steam and treatment rooms, your soul will begin a journey towards total relaxation. This center of wellbeing is devoted to complete relaxation and rejuvenation, with a range of signature therapies that include a soothing massages, steamy sauna and restorative body scrubs.
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Rejuvenate your soul

Massage Parlour

Pamper yourself with our award-winning spa experience at a sanctuary of serene relaxation.

Wellness tea
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Healthy boiled foods
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Spiced drinks
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Drinking water dispenser
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